metal finishing

  • Production opportunity metalworking – 300 thousand units / year.
  • manufacture of parts on automatic lathes, including CNC mod. LA155F30
    (Bar diameter of 2 to 16 mm, length of items 2 to 30 mm);
  • manufacturing parts in universal lathe domestic production (blank diameter of 30 to 250 mm, length of 10 to 800 mm)
  • machines SCHAUBLIN-102N, 125, 150 billets diameter of 3 to 30 mm, length 200 mm) and lathes 1325F30-1 NC (rod diameter 25 mm, length details from 3 to 50 mm)
  • 16B16F3 (diameter boxed preform 50 to 200 mm, length of 20 to 300 mm), the turning OC SL-10 company HAAS (bar diameter 40 mm diameter piece blanks 30 to 150 mm 10 to 120 mm length) turning OC GT-200A (Taiwan) (bar diameter up to 46 mm diameter piece blanks from 30 to 220 mm, length 10 to 150 mm), the capstan and turret OC MAXXTURN 25 protivoshpindelem (Austria) (bar diameter 25 mm) . – 3 units, turning and revolving OC MAXXTURN 45 protivoshpindelem (Austria) (bar diameter up to 45 mm) – 1 unit;
  • manufacture of parts on universal milling machines and milling machines with CNC mod. MH-400R (dimensions of the workpiece to 400h150h50 mm) MN-600r (dimensions of the workpiece to 500h250h100 mm) from the mano, WF-30CM company the MIKRON (dimensions of the workpiece to 500h250h100 mm) OC Super Mini Mill (8 pcs.) ( dimensions of the workpiece to 350h250h200 mm), VF-2BYTHE -. (1 unit) (dimensions of the workpiece to 650h400h300 mm), VF-3 (dimensions of the workpiece to 800h400h300 mm) supplied by Haas, OC E600 with increased spindle torque (Austria .) (1 U) (dimensions to preform 400h300h250 mm);
  • performing boring operations coordinates accurately machined SIP manufacturing company of Switzerland (dimensions to preform 300h300h100 mm);
  • perform operations round, flat, coordinate, profile sanding on CNC machines from Switzerland, Germany, Japan HAUSER-3SMO (dimensions of the workpiece to 200h150h80 mm), OBOVERK, WASINO GLS-8A, JONES-SHIPMAN 1400;

Cutting sheet metal

  • Coordinate turret press Finnpower “X5” (sheet thickness: – Steel – 2.5 mm – aluminum alloys – 3 mm, the maximum size sheet 3000h1250 mm)
  • Laser cutting machine UNIMACH (sheet thickness: – steel – up to 8 mm – aluminum alloys – 10 mm, the maximum size sheet 3000h1250 mm)
  • Bending Presses E-65-2550HS BG4 (bending length up to 2500 mm) from Finn Power, EP-0520 company PrimaPower (bending length 2000 mm) and «CONE 900” (bending length up to 900 mm) firmyCONE Finland.

Covering parts

  • Painting
  • Coatings powder paints and varnishes
  • Electroplating
  • Zinc with chromate and white with passivating additives CCN
  • Nickel-plated, shiny and matt
  • The dimensions of parts – to 500h500h150 mm
  • Anodizing black, NV, with chromated Cost
  • The dimensions of parts – to 500h550h300 mm
  • Tin-plating steel, aluminum
  • The dimensions of parts – to 500h550h300 mm
  • aluminum Etching
  • The dimensions of parts – to 500h550h300 mm
  • Oxidation steel normal
  • The dimensions of parts – to 500h550h330 mm
  • Cold blackening aluminum and steel with dry oiling
  • The dimensions of parts – to 300h300h250 mm
  • Copper plating steel and brass
  • The dimensions of parts – to 500h550h300 mm
  • The coating alloy O-Wee tin-bismuth
  • Drawing images and methods setkografii fotohimpechati on flat surfaces.

Assembly and installation

Assembling and mounting of electronic products, the production area of 1500sq.m. Mounting and assembly facilities are equipped with a sufficient number of jobs, control and measuring equipment and devices to ensure the release of products of electronic subjects, including:

  • Installer tables, equipped with imported soldering stations,
  • workplace for applying solder paste,
  • workplaces of radio productions,
  • automatic conveyor line soldering of radioactive elements,
  • workplace equipment settings and adjustments,
  • workplaces for inspection and testing winding articles
  • jobs for assembly and packaging of finished products